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Successful South - South exchange on inclusive land and natural resource management

By Eva Komba (Kajiado County), Kenneth Odary (Kajiado County), Giulia Barbanente (IFAD) and Mia Madsen (IFAD)

In October this year staff from the IFAD-funded Butana Integrated Rural Development Project (BIRDP) in Sudan hosted a high-level visit of representatives from the Kajiado County in Kenya. The overall purpose of the peer-to-peer Learning Route was to share good practices in land and natural resource management (NRM) implemented by BIRDP. The participants from Kajiado County were particularly eager to identify new strategies to address potential land conflicts and environmental degradation in their own context, through better land and natural resources management, building community resilience in food security, climate adaption, and disaster risk management. The Learning Route was supported by IFAD, PROCASUR, the Government of Sudan, though the BIRDP project, and by the County Government of Kajiado in Kenya. 
The idea of organizing a peer-to peer exchange visit between Kenya and…


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