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Making replication research relevant for international organizations: A 3ie-IFAD post-event conversation

Benjamin DK Wood is a senior evaluation specialist at 3ie. He currently manages 3ie’s replication programme.

Michael Hamp is Lead Technical Specialist Inclusive Rural Financial Services at IFAD for more than ten years. The teams he supervises include those working on innovative agricultural insurance, remittances and investment for development and agricultural risk management in the Sustainable Production, Markets and Institutions Division.

After 6 years, 3ie’s replication programme is finishing its fourth round of 3ie-funded replication studies. In recognition of this round’s completion, 3ie and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) recently hosted a joint engagement event, Financial services for the poor programmes – verifying evidence for policymaking. Ben (3ie) and Michael (IFAD) co-hosted the event. At the event, 3ie’s current replication researchers presented their draft results.

The current round of 3ie-funded replication studies, funded by the Bill and M…

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