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Igniting a passion in farming for rural youth

by Chloe Benson

During the IFAD Governing Council 2019, I had the opportunity to attend Sherrie Silver's press briefing on her new role as an IFAD Advocate for Rural Youth. During the Q&A session, she highlighted her passion and commitment to the new generation of farmers and emphasized the importance of creating agricultural employment opportunities for youth. In an era where hunger continues to rise, our world population needs more youth to pursue employment in the agricultural sector. Despite the urgent need to create new opportunities in the sector, Silver highlighted a trend among youth to perceive farming as "uncool" and outdated. Although every year, ten to twelve million youth enter the labour market in Africa, there is a growing perception that farming is antiquated.
The question becomes: how can we make agriculture tech-focused and modernize the industry enough to lead more youth into the agricultural sector? Silver's new role offers a fresh perspective…


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