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Recipes for change comes alive at the IFAD Governing Council

By Andrew Morrow, IFAD

Amid the hustle and bustle of the opening day of IFAD's 42nd Governing Council, a sizable audience gathered to gain an insight into IFAD's Recipes for Change campaign. There was a hint of stardust in the air as the heavyweight panel comprised of ECG director Margarita Astralaga and the Moroccan and Italian ambassadors to the UN in Rome were joined by Italian celebrity chef Carlo Cracco.

In her opening remarks, Astralaga emphasized the urgent need to work with smallholders now in order to equip them with the innovative skills and tools necessary to enable them to thrive in climate change altered environments.

"That is why we are here having this discussion, knowing that smallholders are the most vulnerable communities to climate change" she remarked.

Those present were captivated by chef Cracco recounting his experience of visiting IFAD projects in Cambodia and Morocco where he saw first-hand how IFAD-supported funded projects work with farmers to …


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