Today is D-Day

Goodday every one,

Later today we are starting for real with the opening session and some socialising afterwards. I guess, if there is no free lunch, there also cannot be free dinner? :)

This morning I particpated in the ENRAP faciliated work to prepare in more detail the processes that will make our workshop more effective, this means ensuring that it leads to some results, to a few concrete ideas and a case for action to improve our work.

I believe that, with all this good thinking about different ways to run this workshop, we will have a different workshop from previous years: less speeches [except for mine tonight :) :( ] ; we will do talkshows, world cafés, speed dating and "role" plays; and all that supported with social reporting, this means all of us reporting to all of us, to make sure we are all mobilised, and to make sure IFAD knows how to support you better. A few take-away ideas for all of us when we go back to our real business will do much better than a big workshop report to IFAD, for IFAD and, god forbid, by IFAD.

This is going to be interesting and fun. I look forward to this.

Ciao and see you soon.

Thomas Elhaut
Asia and Pacific, IFAD