CDD in the IFAD Mauritania portfolio

The first retreat amongst IFAD projects in Mauritania began today, 25 March, in the coastal city of Nouadhibou, 460 km north of Nouakchott. Thirty staff from the three IFAD ongoing projects, Marc Empain from UNOPS and Cristiana and Laetitia from IFAD HQ met at this retreat, and for some of the staff it was the first time meeting each other.

The 2.5 days retreat was organized with the intention of sharing knowledge amongst the three projects as well as innovations and improving project implementation. All three ongoing projects were designed along the community-driven development approach, albeit with different implementation modalities. Thus, one of the first sessions of the retreat was accorded to sharing experiences with regards to the effectiveness of the CDD approach in empowering the rural poor to overcome poverty.
The knowledge sharing methodology selected for initiating and enriching dialogue was the "world café". The debates which resulted were very rich and participants enjoyed themselves whilst learning from each other. More to come tomorrow!


Roxanna Samii said…
This is fantastic. Would be interested to hear about the reaction of our Mauritanian colleagues to World Cafe method. Well done