China Country Program Key Actions

The China country team reviewed the achievements of last year’s action plan and acknowledged that last year plan was a bit ambitious, as result about 50% target was achieved. This was also due to the fact that the government focal agency would ultimately need to be consulted and not all actions were fully endorsed. This year’s plan was made with PMOs but also with leadership given by the government representative. The focus will be on improving knowledge management and project implementation quality:

Knowledge management

  • Strengthen knowledge collection and dissemination in project management.
  • Increase awareness of KM
  • Diversify the composition of the direct supervision mission.
  • Enhance the role of ENRAP website (system upgrading and enlarge the number of users)
  • Improve South-South cooperation in aspect of KM

Project management
  • Develop a comprehensive set of M&E operation guidelines and tools (RIMS)
  • Activities supporting project sustainability such as case study and ensuring maintenance of project investment etc.
  • Conduct joint project review (IFAD, MOF and PMO should participate)