Country Team Meeting: Maldives

Ongoing Post Tsunami project is establishing foundation for project implementation. IFAD CPM will closely follow the process and provide necessary support.
(1) The project is currently recruiting M&E consultant to establish M&E system. CPM will request the regional RBM officer to backstop M&E consultant from HQ. A short input from Philippines CPO will be provided in late May.
(2) The project is preparing for the first withdrawal application. CPM will liaise with the project closely and provide necessary support.
(3) MTR for the project starts from 21st March. During this MTR, re-designing of components, reallocation and cancellation of fund will be decided.

The new project FADiP is awaiting for effectiveness. Current effectiveness deadline is 15th April. If the government successful meets effectiveness conditions, start up workshop shall be conducted either in June or July. During the workshop phase, loan administration and M&E training will be conducted for both projects and government staff.

The main issue of Maldives Country Programme is severe lack of local capacity for project implementation. CPM will provide information on trainings by other IFAD country teams in the sub-region.