Country Team Meeting: Mongolia

On going RPRP is planned to be completed before the completion date. All available funding has been budgeted to be utilised within this year. This year, project effort will focus on project completion process especially on KM and CPR. ENRAP will support KM and communication officers financially and technically through out the year.
M&E support was provided by China country team member early this year. Input focussed on logframe and completion survey. Follow up input will be provided towards latter half of the year.
Supervision mission will focus on the project completion process, including SA reconciliation, completion survey, PCR, KM process. It is planned to coincide with inter Aimag meeting. Supervision mission by cluster CPO's is being discussed, providing opportunity for cross fertilisation within country cluster.
Rural Finance Component has been most problematic component, in terms of out reach and group lending. Discussion was held with APRACA in order to receive their input to the programme. CPM will support PSU in following up with participating banks.

Newly proposed Natural Resource Management Imitative builds up on one of the activities undertaken by RPRP. RPRP will provide input and support during design. Regarding the MARPP project, RPRP will implement pilot projects in 3 aimags. It is envisaged that learning from these pilot project will also be taken into the finalisation of MARPP design.


Omer said…
Please give my best regards to Tsedendamba and Dalai.