Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Top KM session headlines revealed to all

If IFAD's Director of Communications, Cassandra Waldon, were a journalist accredited to cover the "Siale LIVE" talk show focusing on improving knowledge management practices, she would be arguing with her Bangkok Post newspaper editor over which of her 8 headlines options to us:
  • "Knowledge Management - it's about how we learn and how we share"
  • "Knowledge Management is a good tool for reaching the poor"
  • "Knowledge Management... more than just fluff, it's the stuff that can help you achieve your goals"
  • "Keep it simple! Be selective! Don't let knowledge Management overwhelm you"
  • "Knowledge Management! Pin it down to a specific context and share only good practices, tried and tested, credible info"
  • "Some say technology makes life easier, gives people more knowledge management options; opponents say it's a barrier"
  • "One size does not fit all -- Cultural uniqueness must be factored in to Knowledge Management"
  • "High-level Knowledge Management can be used to advocate for policy change. Grassroots Knowledge Management is also vital"
What would be YOUR headline for the "Siale LIVE" talk show?


Roxy said…
Hi there. let's run a poll on this and let people vote.
Allison Hewlitt said…
We can certainly try. How do you see us gathering votes? As far as I know most participants don't have wireless access. It is free in the lobby but to buy a 2hr wireless card for use in the meeting room, it would cost almost 500 Baht!
Roxy said…
I've set up the poll. it is on the left hand side of the blog. Pls ask the participants to cast their vote!!! The poll will remain open for 6 days and we can even extend it.