Improving KM Practices - Small Group Discussions

The workshop on Improving KM practices was facilitated by Mr. Imran Hamid. For the first round, the participants were divided into 24 mixed groups and were asked to discuss and identify three major constraints to effective knowledge management and solutions for each constraint identified. The summary of the discussion should be written on flip chart. Based on the workshop discussion outputs, the following major common constraints and solutions could be summarized/categorized into:

Constraint 1: Lack/limited resources in terms of staff,
time and funds
  • assign permanent/full time staff to do KM work
  • include/allocate funds/budgets in future projects
  • explore other sources, e.g., grants

Constraint 2: Lack of capacity and motivation

  • provide training, e.g., enhancing skills
  • use of appropriate tools and approaches
  • provide incentives and rewards/recognition of “best innovation”, etc.

Constraint 3: Top-down approach-IFAD takes interactive approach; no clear approaches, tools and mechanisms used


  • build network with other stakeholders
  • request government support
  • include in project design-improve/include in M & E sysem
  • select appropriate tools, e.g., radio, and existing mechanisms

Constraint 4: Credibility and relevance of knowledge to be shared, i.e., publications, etc.

  • Need for “IFAD” endorsement and other trusted entities
  • publish/capture tested knowledge

Constraint 5: Applicability of information and what knowledge to share

  • focus on thematic issues
  • identify recipients/beneficiaries and their needs