Innovations and capitalisation in IFAD Mauritania portfolio

The retreat of IFAD projects in Mauritania continued today. Reflections focused on what innovations each of the projects had developed and how it would be best to capitalise on them. Some of the major innovations presented included the land tenure agreements in the Maghama I project, the "auxiliaires veterinaires" in the PASK project and the oasian Maroccan couples exchanges with the Mauritanian oases. Participants were amazed over how many innovations the ongoing projects had promoted and how little each project knew about one another's activities and how little in fact IFAD's work was known in Mauritania, despite the exciting work being undertaken through the projects. These discussions, facilitated through the world café technique, led to participants' brainstorming on how best to share the knowledge contained by these projects and how to capitalize on the innovations and best practices. Some of the initiatives proposed include exchanges between the IFAD mauritania projects, "caravan exchanges" between the "beneficiaries" of the different projects, developing effective and professional communication strategies, linking-up with FIDAFRIQUE and many more. All in all a very exciting day!


Roxanna Samii said…
The caravan exchanges sounds like such an interesting activitiy. Could you write more about it and outline how it is done.