Learning about social reporting

At the end of the first day, the social reporters/facilitators gathered to share their observations, views and reflections on the day. We identified a number of concrete recommendations that we felt could improve our own capacities in facilitation, moderation and social reporting.   

So, what did we take away from the day's experience?
  1. Process instructions need  to be simple, clear and concise. They should be given when participants are paying attention so we should encourage participants to stop talking in plenary.
  2. When inviting participants to ask questions during a panel session, moderators could: (i) ask for more directive or theme based questions; (2) suggest that participants identify to whom they are addressing their question; (3) invite small group discussion to identify one question that they would like a panelist to answer.
  3. Panelists should be reminded to re-iterate the question to which they are responding especially if there were a number of questions to which they could be responding. 
  4. Limit the amount of information, data and statistics shared in a presentation. As a participant, it is too easy to get lost.
  5. Most importantly, remember that as a Knowledge Facilitator, you are not alone but part of a team of capable individuals who can all contribute to the session by (i) facilitating smaller group discussions; (ii) brainstorming on the process midway through the session especially if things get off track; and, (iii) giving each other positive and constructive feedback.