Main Points from experience in direct supervision and areas for improvement (Working Session 1)

A session after lunch on 2 March 2009 was held in APR workshop-2009 on “Experience in direct supervision and areas for improvement”.

Here are the main points made by the participants with regard to given question " 3 ways to make DS process useful for the projects", as captured by Hashib, CPO, Bangladesh:

  • Better preparedness and mission planning including composition and orientation needed, also participation of local and provincial level and provision of joint review is required.
  • Better preparation by PDs
  • Follow up


  • DS should be continuous process
  • Continuity of design team as part of supervision team, with flexibility and making adjustment whenever required
  • Consistency with previous mission


  • Decentralize loan administration, especially WA to be processed/assisted by CPO
  • Clearly defining the role of implementation and support specialists, with delegation of authority to him/her, as well as supervision mission
  • Strengthen CPO with delegation of authority in some areas
  • Resources in human, financial and country office to support project implementation

Capacity Building:

  • Annual refresher training on financial, management, procedure and loan administration
  • Right composition of mission members aiming to develop empathy with implementation, organization and beneficiaries.
  • Abolished traditional supervision mission, moving towards continuous facilitation by country office
  • Demand driven support, linked M&E system in SM system
  • Prior to implementation (harmonization, training and country context to be considered).


  • Involvement of national representatives (central govt), IFAD financial staff and co-financiers.
  • Feed back from community to IFAD and SM to community through project
  • Composition of SM should be complementary to the project coordination team
  • Coordination with key line deptt and the project, community participation in the project cycle
  • Discuss the problems with govt & donors.

Expectation and Result Check (interviewed by Mariam, CPO, Indonesia):

Expectation before the Session:

  • how to enhance DS to be more effective for the country context
  • solutions to problems encountered by the project in implementing effective (DS Azama, Project Director from Maldives: )
  • Insight on how to improve DS (Swarna, Project Director, India)

After group discussion:
  • the discussion is very useful
  • we learnt new ideas from other country experience in conducting DS. (China team )


Chase said…
What a smile, thanks Deepak, Allison saw that beautiful smile and said we had to add your photo to our blog. Thanks for the excellent presentation on behalf of PD's in the morning and for being the spokesperson for your tables during the working session on Experiences in direct supervision. I especially liked your group's point about getting a 360 degree feedback on project performance including views from project beneficiaries during supervision.