Main points raised during "Achievements in 2008" plenary

The following are some of the main points raised during the plenary session on "Achievements from 2008":
  • Need to better communicate IFAD successes
  • There are major factors affecting the financial system
  • Need to clarify role of PDs
  • Improvement/quality of proposal design: recommend that IFAD seeks more participation of local agencies at design level
  • Inclusiveness: local people are critical for implementation
  • Targeting: what are the approaches and tools used
  • Ownership of project management
  • Consistency of support to project managers
  • Procedures: integration of procedure, harmonizing
  • Still learning about direct supervision, only one-year since taken over
  • The procurement process system needs to be more flexible, simplified
  • Need clear guidelines for projects from IFAD
Ron Hartman responded to the above issues:
  • Communicating success: We are reporting and learning but there is still more to do. We also need to communicate failures, not just successes
  • Agrees re. financial system. Issues with RIMS on top of problematic M&E but these are indicators that IFAD needs. Direct supervision has opened our eyes (rating scales)
  • Role of PD: influencing policy. Direct role in facilitating evidence based-policy influence, in issues where we have an impact
  • Agrees that development should be demand-led and project design more open-ended. Will try to continue to respond to this. Agrees that enhanced ownership and participation contribute to project quality
  • Targeting: there are a number of different approaches, specific to project locality and nature
  • We are obliged to work through national systems, should be addressed in designing, harmonization of procurement procedures, which is a challenge
  • Follow up on direct supervision: improve country involvement, implementation support and capacity building on harmonizing approaches
  • Implementation manual: delays in conceptual design to make it implementable, it is a challenge
Comments from Nigel Brett regarding procurement:
  • Know we need to improve, there was an internal audit and the findings were not good
  • Need to take more care in procurement in next 12 months
  • Have a long way to go, reaction time to processing time
  • Need assistance from you: it takes need 30 days to process so the sooner we get it, the faster it will be. We also need to have the full documentation
  • Are aware that there isn't enough dedicated staff to procurement, will bolster numbers in 2009
  • It will improve, so bear with us!