Nepal Country Team Meeting

A meeting of the Nepal Country Team was held in the context of the APR workshop in Bangkok.

The Nepal team (with a special guest from the Pacific Islands) reviewed potential for improving the role and focus of the CPMT concept with an objective making this a more useful mechanism for managing knowledge, improving performance and enhancing policy linkage.

The main agreements coming from this meeting are as follows:

Objectives and Focus of CPMT
The objectives for the CPMT would be sharing of knowledge to improve performance and policy influence.

It was agreed that the in-country CPMT would be more effective in achieving these objectives if the participation remained small and focused. Where appropriate, additional stakeholders will be included (for instance during design, supervision, COSOP review processes etc...)

It was agreed that the CPMT will not be "Rome" driven or dependant. It was further agreed that the annual COSOP review process will be integrated within the Government system with other development partners in Nepal.

It was agreed that the a "core" CPMT consisting of Project Directors, Grant Coordinators, Key Line agency and Ministry Officials and IFAD staff will be formed.

The core CPMT will meet systematically on a trimester basis to align with national planning processes. Meetings/ events will be held each year during the 3rd week of December, last week of April and last week of August. The December meeting will be considered an annual meeting and be larger in participation coinciding with the Annual Cosop review. Training side events will be held around the fringes of the August CPMT session.

The first meeting will be held in April 2009.

Thematic Focus
Suggestions for initial issues and themes for discussion during the CPMT range from micro finance, M&E, gender, climate change and ecosystem services, and KM.