Pakistan country team fine tuning AWPB

In light of the discussions of the PI Annual Performance Review workshop, the Pakistan country team has fine tuned the country programme AWPB for the following 5 key areas:

1. Managing for results
Project level
  • All projects to focus more on RIMS, with more regular / consistent reporting on RIMS indicators
  • Project management to have contingent plan for ensuring continuity in occasions when M&E officers are transferred
  • PPAF to organise 6-monthly review meetings with POs on results of MIOP & PRISM
Country programme level
  • To strengthen capacity of country office to back up / assist projects on M&E in general and RIMS in particular

Generic recommendation: IFAD to provide projects with continuous refresh courses on RIMS

2. Knowledge management (KM)
Project level
  • Projects to host 1 KM workshop to operationalize country programme KM strategy / action plan, with support of KM facilitator
  • PPAF-managed projects to: (a) standardise MIS system / software for POs; & (b) have a greater focus on reporting good practices under PPAF-supported activities, e.g., IT-based monitoring (used by CMDO)
Country programme level
  • To develop a country programme KM strategy & action plan
  • To organize at least one KM workshop with participation of main stakeholders

3. Sustainability
Project level

  • All projects to focus more on CO sustainability
  • All projects to focus more on supporting union-level legally-registered apex bodies (for ensuring linkage with government institutions and services)
Country programme level
  • Supervision / implementation support missions to pay particular attention to sustainability
  • To update & expand the use of the “Institutional Maturity Index” (currently used by AJK CDP)
  • To explore PPAF collaboration in dealing with NADP sustainability (in addition to the planned small country grant)

4. Innovation
Project level
  • Projects to visit PPAF to explore possibility of replicating innovative practices such as IT-based monitoring
  • AJK CDP and PPAF-implemented projects to reinforce implementation of the “innovation” component under these projects

5. Loan/grant linkage
Country programme level
  • To ensure small country grants are linked with, and/or enhance, loan project(s)
  • To facilitate EAD/ENRAP cooperation in M&E capacity-building
  • To include grant projects in country portfolio review meetings