Philippines Country Team Plan for 2009

The IFAD Philippines CPMT looks forward to a more results-based and effective implementation of its projects in the country. There are two main focus areas of the country team’s plan for 2009:
  1. improving knowledge management; and

  2. enhancing the capacity of project management.

In knowledge management, the country team wants to adopt and/or improve appropriate processes for Creating, Capturing, Communicating and Carrying Out knowledge and best practices with the help and active participation of the members of the country programme management team and its development partners, as well as of concerned stakeholders within the country and beyond. In project management, the focus will be on building the capacity of the staff of the ongoing programmes and projects, with special emphasis on the areas of Monitoring and Evaluation, Procurement, and Financial Management. During the year the following key activities under these two headings will be carried out:

  • In the area of improving Knowledge Management: (a) establish a Knowledge Bank of Good Practices; (b) publish two IFAD-Philippines Special Newsletter Issues; (c) set-up a national website; (d) conduct the 3rd Knowledge and Learning Market; and (e) identify and train Knowledge Management champions for better knowledge sharing.

  • In the area of improving Project Management Capacity: (a) hold a focused annual country programme review with special attention on Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management, and Procurement; (b) facilitate loan administration and financial management training with the help of carefully selected specialists; (c) facilitate the cross visit of staff from the NMCIREMP to IFAD project(s) in the Asia and the Pacific region's portfolio; and (c) enable the staff of all projects and programmes to participate in the APMAS training, once funds under that grant are released.