Experience in direct supervision and areas for improvement - everybody's involved

The tone of the workshop was set by three wonderful presentations by Deepak Mohanty , Anura and Shankar. Imran saw his views vindicated when Jebun nahar ultimately doned the mantle of the "participatory stalinist". The presentations delivered the following key messages:

  • Country Office has a crucial role in terms of conducting missions, timely implementation support and regular follow up.
  • Good Practices include, Govt. participation and ownership of the supervision process, internalising learnings and supervision linked with implementation support.
  • Financial Management, KM and project risk assessment remain a key area of concern.

The following issues were raised during the lively discussion with serious tones and baritones :

  • There is a perhaps an overemphasis on fiduciary aspects rather than substantive issues.
  • The level of participation of Govt. viz; federal, state, local determines the impact on policy .
  • Differences between Govt. and IFAD procurement guidelines often results in audit observations.
  • Supervision Missions need to look at substantive issues like relevance, effectiveness and impact of activities rather than just progress monitoring.
  • Need to build Financial Management capacity of the Country Office.

Enjoy the photos of IFAD in action during this session. Watch the powerpoint presentations: