Some key issues from the Brainstorming on food security in the context of increasing commodity prices

Some of the discussion points according to the tables:

Input prices have gone up and farmers have realized the international prices have also gone up. But the supply responses were poor because of the equally high input prices. The following are the solutions: The input subsidy has been suggested for seed and irrigation. Also for the governments to promote the input minimization production process wherein research should to be supported.

Targeting is an issue. For this, a user friendly targeting approach is needed to capture the assistance is going to the real needy. The concept of input supply response was again mentioned and the limited budget with high input prices constraint getting the results. The input subsidies and promoting the private public partnership are encouraged as the solution. The post harvest is an issue and support is necessary for storage and proper processing. The poor tools and equipment are the main problems and these could be supported to minimize the post harvest losses so that maximum productivity improvement could be maintained. The lack of information is another issue which needs collection and dissemination of such information.

The major constraints are the institutional credit and rural financing for the marginal farmers. The money from the harvest goes to the middlemen and the money lenders for the informal credit that was taken during the cultivation season. The solution would be timely and adequate intuitional credit and input supply in adequate manner. And the storage for produce can also help to keep the product for some time and get the maximum price advantage.

The small holders have limited land and the labour force reducing due to urban migration. Additionally farming is constrained by high input prices. The lack of information is an issue. The extension systems are not friendly to the farmers. What the farmers produce also have marketing issues and they face several limitations. In some areas there has been already a trend to diversify the cropping pattern to get more production and a better supply response. Improvement of seeds has been attempted and the projects are supporting the smallholders for storage.

Farmers have no sufficient capital and thus we should introduce low cost technology and provide micro credit.