The Sri Lankan Country Team Work

We have discussed the common work for all three projects - Tsunami project, dry zone project and the plantation project. The following are our major common events in 2009 where all the projects and some government participants will participate:
  1. M&E and RIMS training programme is planned to be held in end of March. Lando and Susan will help us as the resource persons. All three projects are very enthusiastic about the workshop, may be after the APR. This is a 2 and 1/2 day residential workshop. The objective is to prepare the M&E plan with M&E indicators and identify RIMS indicators. The individual projects will finance their cost and IFAD will fiance the resources persons cots from a SIS budget. This is a novel way of having joint funding to conduct a training workshop.
  2. FAO and the World Bank with the Dry Zone project participation is organising a workshop to bring the producers, processors and traders to initiate a value chain for the project participants. The cost of the 2-day residential workshop is funded by FAO and the WB is facilitating it. IFAD project is benefiting by getting their participants to learn about processing and value addition.
  3. The Start-up workshop for the SPEnDP is scheduled for the end of March 2009. This is again a 2-day residential workshop and the total cost will come from IFAD. Although it is late we are finally getting all partners together to have this workshop.
  4. The first stakeholder workshop will be held in April to share the COSOP formulation process with the key stakeholders. This will be a residential 2-day workshop with the participation of the IFAD and GOSL key officials including the private sector.
  5. A 2-day workshop will be held in the 1st week of June to discuss the initial steps of Knowledge management strategy for Sri Lanka. The Tsunami project National Coordinator very kindly agreed to organise the workshop which will be fully financed by either IFAD or ENRAP or both. Shalini will guide us and also Chase will give us the top level guidance. The out come expected is the ingredient to formulate the KM strategy and some concrete actions.
  6. There will be Loan Admin Training Workshop for all the three project participants. This will be a 4-day workshop fully financed by IFAD and Neomi is to be contacted as the resources person.
  7. The first Country Portfolio Review workshop will be held in September. This will be a 3-4 day workshop with full participation of all the project and project lead agencies. The Dry Zone Project Coordinator kindly agree to organise the workshop and the full cost will be born b IFAD.
  8. In addition to these common work the following implementation support and supervision Maison (ISS) are planed: (a) Light mission for PTCRrMP in March; (b) Design mission for the NADeP in May; (c) Mid-term Review Mission for DZLisPP in June; (d) Light mission for SPEnDP in July; (e) 1st ISS mission for the Grant project for Anuadhaura Rural Foundation in August; (f) Full ISS for PTCRrEMP in September; and (g) full ISS for SPEnDP in December.