VietNam country action plan

General action points:
  1. IFAD - Project - Government supervision missions should ensure that terms of reference are sent well in advance;
  2. The Provincial People's Committee should be informed of the Mission and requested participation, particularly to participate in the field visits;
  3. Ministry of Planning (MPI) and Investment and MoF should participate in the missions;
  4. Provincial wrap up meetings would be help at the end of each supervision mission;
  5. One national level workshop (country programme review) bringing together the findings of the supervision missions would be sufficient in Hanoi chaired by the MPI;
  6. Follow up missions would be made based on request; and
  7. Capacity needs to be built of the project M&E teams to develop M&E systems and analysis of data.

The following specific plan was discussed and timeline agreed upon with the Project Directors:

Supervision Missions:
  • 9 March - 17 March - travel to Tuyen Quang, RIDP Supervision Mission
  • 30 March - 9 April - travel to Ha Giang, DPPR Supervision Mission
  • 12 April - 21 April - travel to Quang Binh DPPR Supervision Mission
  • 26 - 29 April - travel to Bac Kan province, Start up workshop for the 3PAD
  • 1 May - 10 May - travel to Ha Tinh IMPP Supervision Mission
  • 12 May - 22 May - travel to Tra Vinh IMPP Supervision Mission
  • 25 May - 2 June - travel to Ben Tre DBRP Supervision Mission
  • 8 June - 17 June - travel to Cao Bang DBRP Supervision Mission

  • 20 - 24 April - M&E Mission in Bac Kan province
  • September - M&E follow up mission to build the capacity of the M&E units

Knowledge Management Events:
  • Mid July - IFAD provinces Pro-Poor Commodities Trade Fair in Ha Tinh province
  • August - Country Programme Review
  • 1st day - performance evaluation from MPI
  • 2nd day - project status evaluation IFAD
  • Mid October -Field immersion (Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Tra Vinh, Ben Tre)
  • 1st week of December - Knowledge Management Fair
  • 1st day - media event and knowledge sharing
  • 2nd day - Provincial People's Committee day