Wrap-Up: What stood out for you? What might you do differently?

After discussion in small groups, participants shared their thoughts and views on what stood out most for them during the APR and what might they do differently as a result. Here are some of their responses.

What stood out for you?
  • "How the workshop proceedings were captured."
  • "Discussions on sustainability, M&E and KM which will be a highlight in our 2009 work."
  • "We have a human network"
  • "The effectiveness and facilitation of the programme"
  • "Everything was on time. The mix of modalities. No session was boring."
  • "It was really nice to have participated in this workshop and to have met the project directors... I now actually see their faces."
  • "Thomas Elhaut responded to sessions."
What might you do differently as a result?
  • "Integrate components addressing climate change challenges within our projects"
  • "Use some of the different methodologies to conduct our own meetings"
  • "Based on the discussion on direct supervision...  finally for the first time, I realised that after one year experience, our relationship with our projects has really changed... it has become more intensive in terms of partnerships and content of the discussion. It has changed dramatically for the better."
  • "Sustainability of implementing our programs."
  • "Get more in touch. I have heard about projects and activities happening in the Philippines. I take my responsibility to have more information on them."
  • "Knowledge Fair in our country."
  • "Integrate KM in country."
What stood out for you? What might you do differently?