A new IFAD regional knowledge network is born

In April 2008, IFAD's Executive Board approved a grant for a total of US$3,930,000 to put in place a new regional knowledge network - FIDAfrique-IFADAfrica. This three-year programme builds on FIDAfrique regional knowledge network which is currently serving IFAD-funded projects and programme in Western and Central Africa and the IFAD-supported thematic knowledge networks such as IMAWESA, Rural finance, SCAPEMA and Rural Knowledge Network in Eastern and Southern Africa.

From 20-24 April 2009, IFAD-funded projects and programmes from all over Africa are meeting in Nairobi, Kenya for FIDAfrique-IFADAfrica start-up workshop.

Over the last months and weeks, the organizing committee composed of our Western and Central Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa colleagues have been working hard to organize this event. This morning the committee met face-to-face to put the final touches to the agenda and work out all the details.

The workshop promises to be quite exciting. We will be using a number of knowledge sharing methods such as world cafe, chat shows, after action review. We've committed to keep you posted about the workshop through the popular IFAD social reporting blog! So make sure you checkout the blog on a daily basis as we'll be reporting on the various sessions and hope that those of you not present in Nairobi will engage in a virtual conversation with us.

So for the time being, goodbye and good night. Talk to you tomorrow.


Yussuf-Tanzania said…
The blogy looks beautiful and it is a good medium for information sharing. why shouldn't counry team create such kind of blog for interaction among members??