Rural enterprise creates new employment

During the ongoing supervision mission of the Rural Enterprises Project Phase II in Ghana, I had the opportunity to meet Ms Christiana Srakubea in the Asuogyaman District. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and capability to set up her own soap making business. Not only Christiana’s living conditions have improved, but also those of her employees since her soap making business has generated a number of new jobs in the district. This is her story:

Ms Christiana Srakubea has always desired to become a successful micro-entrepreneur. The Rural Enterprises Project Phase II has helped her to realize this dream.

Christiana has always been an active woman. She has been a hairdresser since 1983 practicing her business for 9 years. She has upgraded her skills in hairdressing and also took part in the facial treatment, pedicure and manicure training. She has since trained about 43 apprentices.

Christiana took interest in trading in various goods including rice, plywood and particularly soap. When she realised that the demand for soap was high, she decided to travel to Togo to purchase soap with the objective to sell it to her customers at home.

Training in Soap Making
In 2008 she took advantage of the soap making training in her community which was supported through the Rural Enterprises Project Phase II. Now she is able to produce the soap herself instead of buying it from Togo. Right after the training she started the soap production and was able to qualify for a loan from the Asuogyaman Rural Bank to expand her soap making business. The quality and the ability to produce different kinds of soap convinced the Business Advisory Centre as well as the District Assembly. She was encouraged to participate in the Client Exhibition and Trade Show just a month after acquiring her skills. Her soap making business has created 13 new jobs for the people in the district. These are people she supplies her products to as retailers.

Christiana’s life has improved considerably after the training in soap making. As a single parent she ensures the income for eight family members including the payment of school fees for her sons.

Plans for the Future
Christiana wishes to expand her product line. She is strongly interested in attending training in the preparing liquid soap and looks forward to the Business Advisory Centre to provide her with the needed skills.

Christiane Kuhn