What is an annual work plan and budget?

Day 2 – Tuesday 5 May

Day 2 was a heavy day with AWPB and loan Administration. Key aspects of AWPB were introduced. These topics were introduced by Perin, Stefania and the consultant on financial management.

Financial management addressed WA, special account management, payment procedures and supporting documents.

The most interesting part of the day was the case study, which invited participants to identify some of the key elements of an AWPB. Projects presented their experiences in developing the AWPB, which is an essential tool. Each group was asked to identify and list on the flip-chart key elements of an AWPB.

Key learning: AWPB is main tool to measure progress towards development effectiveness impact. A sample format was presented to participants as well as tips.

To follow-up by PA: Publishing of tips for AWPB, which can help projects in developing their AWPB.

To keep participants awake, Stefania broke the monotony with a stretching exercise.

On a wrap-up, we reminded participants that tomorrow is a heavy day, with procurement and IFAD anti-fraud and corruption presentations.

Participants’ opinion

“Project Implementation and Financial Management Workshop Day two
The Project Implementation and Financial Management Workshop has just concluded its day two with the interactive sessions on Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB), Loan Administration and Procurement with Monica having the very crucial task of policing the time. The practical sessions which comprised of case studies on loan administration and the AWPB increased our understanding of the subject matter. This was however spiced up with the Panel discussion on Experiences with Participatory AWPB and Procurement. This highly interactive session afforded the Projects Staff the opportunity of sharing their field experiences, challenges and mitigations.

"The bone cracking energizers from Stefania helped to drive sleep far away and left us with no option but to concentrate on project implementation and financial management issues. It was indeed a day well spent", said Irene I Jumbo-Ibeakuzie, PC, IFAD CBNRMP-ND

After the wrap-up, we had an account reconciliation session to make a deposit in our hotel account. A forex agent came to the hotel to change our dollars into naira.

See you tomorrow for an account of a role play on supervision mission by participants.