IFAD shuttle bus has spear-headed the creation of "an inter-hierarchal knowledge sharing community"

8:25am Laurentina metro station. The 26-seat IFAD shuttle bus pulls into the Laurentina metro station and 15 happy and smiling customers get on the bus.

The Harvard Business Review argues that you can measure the level of employee satisfaction by sitting in the reception and counting how many people walk in with a smile and say, “Good morning”.

Well, if that is a key performance indicator, and if we were to replace the reception with the bus, we might be able say that IFAD employees are highly satisfied and very happy.

Conventional wisdom would say that the sole purpose of a shuttle bus is to take people from point A to point B. The 40-50 IFAD regular commuters who take the shuttle bus daily say that this service has created a sense of community and is encouraging knowledge sharing!

"More than once I've taken the opportunity of the commute to give colleagues an orientation on the Quality Assurance process," says Chitra Deshpande. "I now have numerous informal exchanges and more importantly lots of inter-hierarchal exchanges".

For the shuttle users, the introduction of the bus service has led to better work-life balance and makes the journey to the office both more pleasant and less stressful.

"I now leave the car at home, take a nice walk and get the shuttle bus," says Gisela Barbieri. "As a result, I am less stressed and in the evening the walk back home from the train station helps me unwind and relax."

For Alicia Pond, the shuttle bus is heavenly. "Thanks to the shuttle bus I now start my day on the right foot, as I do not have to struggle to get on the bus and feel crushed like sardines," she says.

"It is funny, but since this service was institutionalized, I not only get to the office on time, but I also work more, because I have a reliable source of transportation and need to allocate only 20 minutes travel time as opposed to 60 minutes," explains Deshpande.

During the summer months or Italian public holidays, public transportation is less frequent, which previously would have meant a longer commute time. The shuttle service provides a reliable source of transportation all year long.

If you were one the sceptics, for sure you'll appreciate that this new service has proven to be a win-win experiment. The next step for all of us would be to encourage colleagues who drive to work to leave their cars at home and use the shuttle service, thus contributing to decreasing carbon emissions.

Expand your network and meet new people by joining the shuttle bus community:
Morning schedule
– From Laurentina train station to IFAD HQ
7.40 7.55 8.10 8.25 8.40 8.55 9.10 9.25

Afternoon schedule – From IFAD HQ to Laurentina train station
16.45 17.05 17.20 17.35 17.50 18.05 18.20 18.35 18.50


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