Learning from each other - Rural Women micro-entrepreneurs of two Indian Ocean islands come together

The exchange visit is part of a new initiative supported by IFAD and FAO on Regional Capacity Building and Knowledge Management for Gender Equality. The theme of the visit will revolve around the micro-entrepreneurial successes of the women of Mauritius, notably in Rodrigues Island, and to share this know-how with interested Malagasy rural women who have recently embarked on similar activities. Special focus will be on agro-processing and the dynamics of women’s organizational capacities.

Six rural women from two on-going projects in Madagascar have been selected and will be accompanied by project and ministry gender focal points. Some women are leaders in their different associations whereas others are active members, this has been expressly arranged to allow communication between the two in order to inspire the active members towards taking leadership roles. In Mauritius, the Malagasy group will be meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Women’s Rights, the Women Entrepreneurial Council, Rodrigues Regional Assembly, FAO, etc. They will visit a few agro-processing sites where women are actively involved. The aim is two-fold: (i) for the Malagasy women to take a lead during those meetings and visits, and for them to organise the information in such a way as to allow them to share with their respective associations once they are back home, and (ii) to establish or hook up to a regional network on gender whereby women from both countries can continue exchanging information.

Mark your calendars as from the 15 June 2009 where we will follow everyday for 10 days this knowledge sharing journey where rural women of two neighbouring Indian Ocean islands come together. Comments and views are more than welcome!

Stay tuned!


Roxanna Samii said…
My Mauritian ladies... Boy I miss them. Great job!!