Web2.0 briefing session

Virtual debriefing session: Heard about web2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, twitter and wonder how you can use them?

This session took place, 11 June - the day after Web2.0 was crowned as English's 1 millionth word.

The KM team that organized the event had to change venue to the Italian Conference Room given the huge number of staff who registered!

Thanks to the excellent presentations made by Roxy and Amedeo their enthusiasm for these tools is starting to rub off on many of us.

We all wanted to learn more about this amazing and overwhelming new world where we are no longer spectators of the web but we can actually be the PRODUCERS - that's why Times Magazine proclaimed YOU has the person of the year in 2006! The new Web is a very different than it was 15 years ago - Web2.0 brings together contributions of millions of people.

As Roxy says, "the sky is the limit" - these tools offer many, many different opportunities and ways to share knowledge - tools like: blogs, wikis, twitter, doodle, SlideShare, Picasa, Flicker, Linkedin, blip.tv, YouTube, TinyChat, Google Maps, Googledocs and more!

Many of our colleagues are twitters, bloggers, YouTubers, doodlers, etc. As we all know even The President has his blog and we are using IFAD social reporting blog to share knowledge in real-time.

Many of us are now eager to join the hands-on training sessions to find opportunities to make these tools work for us and for our partners in the field - to work better, to communicate better and to create and share knowledge.


Roxanna Samii said…
Thank you to the 70 colleagues who attended the Web2.0 briefing session on 11 June 2009. Thank you to Maria Elena who kindly volunteered to write a blogpost about the event on IFAD social reporting blog. The blogpost is a perfect example of how to use web2.0 tools to create dynamic content. Thank you to Helene for Twitting the event.
After the event the Twitter community acquired two new followers: Sara and Linda. Welcome to the world of Twitter and happy tweeting!
For those who missed the session, Amedeo and Roxy will organize another briefing session in the coming weeks and they will start organizing the hands-on sessions. Stayed tuned.
Monica Bugghi said…
I attended this briefing session and I found it great. I was surprised and I am relly looking forward to collaborate with colleagues to find ways to utilize these incredible tools. As Roxy says, the sky is the limit.
Well done to Roxy, Maria Elena and all for organizing this!