Yes I can blog!

My name is Monica Bugghi and I have just made a mistake with my first blog! I have volunteered to post this blog on behalf of the group that today met in room C300 to attend a great session on Social Reporting organized by Roxy Samii. We discovered that there is a whole world of potential and innovation. We just need to replace some of our old activities to find space to do this!

Here are some of the key learnings from our workshop:
  • How to use Blog in a professional way
  • Possibilities available to communicate with friends and colleagues
  • Huge potential of social reporting tools
  • Be strategic about creating blogs
  • How to join the IFAD blogger community
  • Useful tips to select informative blogs
  • How to search for blogs
  • Becoming part of the GMail world: so easy, if only I knew before!
  • More about Twitter
  • Becoming more familiar and confident in using Web tools

Few concerns:

  • Twitter and blogging are scary. How to trust the source?
  • Not enough time to practice the new tools
  • How to balance real life and social networks
The lucky participants were:
  • Daniela Cuneo
  • Daniela Capitani
  • Linda Orebi
  • Florence Papitto
  • Martina Spisiakova
  • Monica Angelini
  • Isabelle Stordeur
  • Richard Aiello
  • Willem Bettink
  • Mylene Kherallah
  • Sopie De Vos
  • Zoumana Bamba
  • Jessica Thomas
  • Christian Assogba
  • Alessandra Zusi
  • Chitra Deshpande
  • Yasmina Oodally

A million thanks to Roxy and Nancy!


fps said…
Brava Monica and thank you very much for your help in creating this blog :)
Roxanna Samii said…
Well done everyone. You guys were great!!! We'll continue these sessions.
Anyone wants to use social reporting blog for reporting purposes etc, pls let me know.