IFADAFRICA Knowledge Management Planning and Learning Workshop Nairobi, Kenya 19-21 October 2009

The KM Planning and Learning Workshop to held on 19-21 October 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshop will be the start of the process of operationalizing knowledge management in our investment programmes. The overall purpose is to improve project management processes by fully integrating knowledge management into all aspects of project management, including M&E, financial management, supervision and reporting.

Following on from the IFADAfrica start-up workshop, this meeting will be an opportunity for CPMs, country officers, project coordinators, M&E officers and other key stakeholders to conduct a needs diagnosis to identify and analyse where and why knowledge is not flowing, and to identify what needs to change in our processes and systems. It will also be an opportunity for all of us to develop a better understanding of what knowledge management really means in the project management context, as well as what IFAD needs to do in order to facilitate the integration of KM in our operations.

During the IFADAfrica start-up workshop, project coordinators and M&E officers identified needs assessment, capacity building and support for using KM approaches and tools for documentation and learning as their priorities. The October workshop and follow-up activities will respond to all of these priorities. The main outcome of the workshop will be a plan, developed by the participants, outlining how to take forward the operationalization of knowledge management at project level. We expect that this plan will encompass specific concrete activities at project level - for example, documentation of lessons; or initiatives to strengthen M&E and link it with KM. Project staff will be supported by ongoing coaching and mentoring, and there will be a number of follow-up meetings during the three-year life-span of the IFADAfrica programme. Continuous documentation and learning throughout the process will also strengthen our ability to roll out this initiative throughout the region.

We are expecting 50 people to attend the workshop. Participants will include project coordinators, M&E officers, country officers and CPMs, country programme and project knowledge management officers, as well as relevant government staff who are working in knowledge management and have direct linkages with IFAD-supported projects.


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