Preparing for supervision mission

Day 4 – Thursday 10 September

Madame Touré (FRAO/WARF) took over today and - with the support of Luisa Migliaccio - delivered three sessions on Loan Administration, including a tricky case study during which participants demonstrated their knowledge on how to operate the special account, which – like the subsequent quiz - was mastered very well.

Following this intense 235 (!) minutes of Loan Administration, Karen Juergens’ presentation on Fiduciary Responsibilities was opened by a 3 minute session of Lizard-style Stretching to mobilize participants’ energies for the second half of the day.

Martin Raine then provided some guidance as to how to prepare for supervision mission, looking at both the project’s and IFAD’s perspective. The session can be summarized as follows:

In the field you must invest,
That’s where the info is at its best.
Reports and figures can’t tell the whole story
Of the project’s flaws and the project’s glory.
In the filed visit you’ll be taken
Where there is success, but…

Make sure to see also where there is no progress.
And if they want to take you to one hundred project sites…
Be brave…
And Slash the number down to five.
(Contribution from a participant in an IFAD Supervision Training)

Finally, CPM Mr. Cassava and his team bravely coped with the angry - and hot-tempered - Minister during the role play in the afternoon.

Once again, participation during all sessions was excellent today and the average participant rating of today’s sessions was 2.7.


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