Second Workshop on Project Implementation and Financial Management

After Abuja, a second Workshop on Project Implementation and Financial Management amongst IFAD projects in West and Central Africa is being organized in Banjul, capital city of The Gambia, 7-11 September 2009. The workshop is organized jointly with the West Africa Rural Foundation (WARF) and the Ministry of Agriculture of The Gambia.

The 5 days learning event is organized with the aim of capacity building and sharing knowledge for effective and efficient implementation and financial management of IFAD-funded projects.

This second Workshop also seeks to facilitate - shared experiences, issues and briefings on new IFAD policies and procedures for future operations. The Workshop participants come from IFAD funded projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia. Together, projects, consultants and IFAD staff will continuously and proactively address areas of concern in implementation and project financial management performance and build on the knowledge and good practices accumulated in the participating countries.

Like in Abuja, the Workshop curriculum is based on a “blended learning” pedagogy that includes lecture, case studies, role play, small group exercises, guest speakers, as well as other “hands-on” activities designed to provide participants with practical experience with actual forms, reports and other materials. The Workshop also includes provision for the use of several evaluation tools, from daily participant evaluations to a pre- and post-workshop participant quiz. This blended-learning pedagogy and evaluation tools corresponds to best practice in continuing professional development and learning and adds value to, as well as opportunities for, continuous improvement.

Approximately, 35 participants are attending the five-day workshop at The Kairaba Hotel Palm Beach.


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