Social Reporting from Around the World

It is great for us in the IFAD Asia and the Pacific Division to hear from our colleagues in China this week and to see how the IFAD Social Reporting Blog has taken on a life of its own, as has the IFAD KM Strategy since it was launched in April 2007. Blogger statistics show 133 posts since the Social Reporting Blog was created to report from Bangkok and the Asia Performance Review Workshop last March. The blog itself has become a form of South-South collaboration, reporting from Mauritania, Mauritius, Nairobi, the Gambia, Rwanda, and Nigeria (to name a few).

The most recent social reporting is from China, but there we find Madgascar back on the blog and into the knowledge sharing scene again. And, while Roxy, maybe our most passionate KM supporter has been the one to actually post the blogs from China, (thanks, Roxy) I suspect that Sun Yinhong, our China Country Presence Officer, pictured here, and Thomas Rath the Country Programme Manager for China are behind the blog entries. Thanks to our colleagues in China for reaching out to tell us about what you are doing. Please tell us more. I, for one, remember Yasmina Oodally's post about octopus fishing and marketing from Rodrigues in Mauritius and how the visiting women from Madagascar were especially interested in octopus drying technques for their people back home fishing octopus in Tamatave. Any women from Madagascar in China on this visit? Any prospects for sharing technology for drying octopus?