Two Milestone Events Mark 3rd KLM


The IFAD Philippines website and IFAD/ENRAP book on inspiring stories were launched today as part of the KLM-3 opening activities.

The launching for both events were spearheaded by Ms. Jessie Rose Mabutas, Assistant President, IFAD; Mr. Sana F. K. Jatta, Country Program Manager; and, Mr. Rolando Tungpalan, NEDA Deputy Director General. Some 100 guests and participants of the 3rd KLM coming from IFAD, ENRAP, the Philippine government, field projects, non-government organizations and civil society groups witnessed these momentous developments.

Entitled “The Poor in Times of Crises, Voices from IFAD-funded Projects in Southern Philippines,” the IFAD/ENRAP book is a compilation of interesting and inspiring stories arising from the implementation of IFAD supported development projects in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region by its partner institutions.

The nicely laid and readable book gives IFAD’s development thrust in the Philippines a discernible face, beautiful not only to the beneficiaries but the general public as well. It presents IFAD’s support to poverty alleviation and rural development from the point of view of the project implementers in the field and the beneficiaries of their projects.

The website allows you to enter this new world of knowledge and information. Welcome to the exciting world of IFAD and its partners in rural development in the Philippines. The website is dedicated to the poor and marginalized sectors of society who battle daily for every bit of grain of food and a good shelter for comfort. There is not much grace that earthly life shells out to them, reason why IFAD invests its precious resources for them to uplift the quality of their existence. The poor, living and overcoming of life’s challenges, and IFAD investments and support extended to improve their quests for the good life, promises to yield an array of wonderful stories worth telling, learning from, and inspired of.

The launching of the IFAD website does not only highlight the plight of the poor but also provides a venue for Filipinos and all those who visit the website to participate in the exchange of ideas, lessons learned, best practices, or simply share inspiring stories that uplifts, and guides our quest to give a human face to rural development. A face that is kind and cares!

By: Robert Domoguen, CHARMP2 & Badeen Verora, NMCIREMP