Welcome to the KLM Barrio Fiesta!!!

Barrio Fiesta brings to mind the many festivals celebrated in the Philippines! And yes, it is a celebration of knowledge here at the 3rd Knowledge Learning Market.

While the impact of climate change and worsening poverty bring in the ominous dark clouds, the silver lining of successes and inroads into improving people’s lives and improving services by government and NGOs, lights up the venue and is a big reason for celebration. This optimism is reflected in the theme Rural Poor Actions Amidst Crisis and the slogan Kaya Nato! (We can do It!)

Officials from IFAD, led by Ms. Jessie Rose Mabutas, Assistant President Finance and Administration, the Philippine Government, representatives from the communities, the academe, the private sector, NGOs, and the media promise a well-attended fiesta! And before I forget we have guests from India; most probably looking into ways how they can stage a fiesta celebration in their country!

This is the 3rd year of celebrating KLM in the Philippines. And being in its 3rd year it has to be better than the previous KLM celebrations. Well, there is certainly a promise to that.

As if not contented with the interesting and timely topics lined up and the sharing of rich experiences that will serve as beacons in these dark times…there was a book launching, yes a launching of a book in CD form rich with contributions of IFAD partners coming from all over the country. And of course, the launching of the IFAD Philippines website. This will be a pilot of the new IFAD corporate-wide endeavor towards establishing country websites all linked to the IFAD main web address.

The two-day event will provide a venue for discussion of inroads in terms of poverty alleviation as well as an appreciation of the changes in our environment that brings climate changes.

The sharing includes knowledge sharing sessions from rural community organizations, partner agencies and including the Local Government Units.

Notable in KLM3 is an attempt to go the whole nine yards of using computers more than just modified typewriters, but as tools in knowledge sharing. It promises to bring on the internet, social blogs and digital media, mirroring existing social sites.

In this effort, catastrophies notwithstanding; discussions, photos, footages and blogs will be reflected in the IFAD Social Blog Site as close to real time as possible. With this, we welcome your blogs, photos, footages. We certainly will learn from you too.

So, celebrate with us! Enjoy the Knowledge Learning Management fiesta celebrations! Kaya nato!

-Isidoro S. Lagahit, Knowledge Facilitator, IFAD-Phil. TWG