UN Secretary-General visits IFAD

IFAD was honoured to welcome the UN Secretary-General for the second time to its new head-quarters. The motorcade of the Secretary-General pulled in to IFAD premises at 15:30. Mr Ban Ki-moon was greeted by IFAD's President. "We consider your visit a special privilege given your very busy schedule", said the President.

IFAD staff welcomed Mr Ban Ki-moon with a long warm applause as he made his way to the President's office. In his private conservation with the President, the Secretary-General reassured the President of his fullest support and recognition of the services IFAD renders to poor rural people. Before addressing IFAD staff, Mr Ban Ki-moon exchanged a few words with IFAD management team.

In his address to staff, the Secretary-General thanked staff for their warm welcome. "I was very much touched when I was entering this building and you welcoming me in such a wholehearted manner”, said the Secretary-General. He commended staff for their commitment and hard work. "I am proud of you and I hope you are proud of having me as your Secretary-General", said Mr Ban Ki-Moon.

The Secretary-General complimented IFAD President for his leadership and underscored the important role IFAD plays in eradicating hunger and poverty. He called on IFAD to "help others to unite in action against hunger and poverty".

Mr Ban Ki-moon reminded staff that food security cannot be resolved without tackling climate change. He concluded by saying that "the world is watching us and that as United Nations we are the beacon of hope".

Earlier in the day, the President delivered a speech to the World Summit on Food Security. After the Secretary-General’s visit, IFAD President held a joint press conference with the UN Secretary-General, FAO’s Director-General and WFP’s Executive Director.