Interview with CNN anchor Jim Clancy: How has social media changed mainstream media

By now those following this social reporting blog know that this afternoon, during the thirty-third session of IFAD’s Governing Council, CNN anchor Jim Clancy will moderate a high-level panel discussion "From summit resolutions to farmers' fields: Climate change, food security and smallholder agriculture".

I had the honour and pleasure to meet Jim on Monday to work out how we could solicit questions for the panel using social media. Yesterday, I asked if I could interview him about social media. Jim, being very modest, said he does not know much about social media.... But I can tell you he knows A LOT and he's an advocate for social media.

This morning he kindly agreed to grant an interview. You can't imagine my excitment. A little nobody interviewing the famous Jim Clancy.

I must say, it was a pleasure to work with Jim. He is such a pleasant and humble person. People walking up our corridor come to us and say: "hey is that Jim Clancy working in the open space ? "

Over the last days Clancy interviewed IFAD President, Kevin Cleaver and today he interviewed some of the panelists, amongst which Dr Nahed Mohammed Taher and Prime Minister Mizengo Peter Pinda.

This afternoon he'll be moderating the panel discussion.... and the IFAD social reporting team will be bringing it live to you. Follow us on Twitter (@ifadnews) and also check this social reporting blog.


Bryan Cheung said…
That's great, Roxy! Congratulations. What do you think was the biggest insight you got from the interview?
Roxanna Samii said…
Thanks Bryan
What was the biggest insight... good question. Well (a) intelligent journalists like Clancy and others "mine" social media to "get the temperature" and use social media to get access to the news that they otherwise do not have access to (b) street journalism will never replace traditional journalism (c) mass media and communications now more than ever is a two way affair and lastly (d)looking the photo, I noticed that my desk is a mess!!!! So yesterday I spent 30 minutes cleaning my desk and getting rid of lots of paper...
Bryan Cheung said…
:D Laughing out loud about point (D).

But if it makes you feel better:

Saying Yes to Mess

A Perfect Mess
Anonymous said…
You think Roxy's desk is a mess -- you should see mine!

Jim Clancy ;-)