25 IFAD staff cycle in to work on 13th May

“When you cycle to work, you reduce your carbon footprint, get healthier – and you look better!” proclaimed IFAD Associate Vice-President, Kevin Cleaver as he congratulated 25 cyclists – and one baby – who arrived together by bicycle. The cyclists, including Kevin, had converged from different areas of Rome and arrived together to make the statement that cycling to work is not only environmentally friendly, but fun and energising as well! See the pictures of our arrival.

IFAD cyclists were part of several hundred cyclists in Rome who have declared Thursday 13th May Bike to Work Day. Some of us cycle every day, others once or twice a week – so if you missed today’s opportunity to cycle together but want to start cycling, you could get in touch with one of us and we can arrange to cycle in together.

To get advice on best routes to IFAD or arrange to cycle together, you can contact the following people:

If you have a bike that needs to be repaired, there is a cooperative at FAO called CYCOM which has a repair service most Wednesdays at lunchtime: http://blog.libero.it/cycom/ is the CYCOM blog, there is a Google group you can join to be informed about the dates of the repair service.

For information on cycling in Rome, including advice on cycle paths (in Italian):
Get on your cycles, reduce your carbon footprint, get fit, and enjoy your journey into work for a change!!


file sharing said…
Yes cycling is really a good exercise. By this you remains fit and healthy.Yes it also have lots of fun and energising both.
Interplantary Critical Mass is on this weekend!

Friday 18.30 at Via dei Fori Imperiali for a cycle around the centre of town to reclaim the streets of Rome for bicycles.

Sunday 11 at Piazzale Ostiense to go to Ostia.

For more info go to www.ciemonna.org
http://www.velo-city2010.com/ - never lose hope that Rome becomes a city of cyclists !