PM&E Worshop Banjul The Gambia - Day 4

While at dinner on Wednesday, we all had the pleasure of seeing ourselves on the Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) evening news.

On Thursday morning, we resumed to our workshop with the presentation and analysis of the tools used in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, such as community scorecards, evaluation wheels, field force analysis, SWOT analysis. Each tool was explained, analysed and criticised by the participants.

The lively discussions brought us to the need for data transformation some cases and to discuss once again the difficulty of this exercise. Participants also agreed on the value added if the activity is undertaken properly and can truly improve the quality of results yielded by the projects. After a thorough analysis of the pros and cons of PM&E, the positive aspects of PM&E definitely outweigh the negative aspects. One of the most positive lessons to retain from these 4 days is that Monitoring and Evaluation is not the sole responsability of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer,
but is the responsability of the entire project staff.

The afternoon was dedicated to setting up the field work to be done on Friday. A VISACA was to be visited and all stakeholders were to be involved in this preliminary process.

Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in the field work. I have asked my colleagues from the Rural Finance Project to write a little something regarding how the field work proceeded and the wrap up meeting held on Saturday morning. I hope to publish their contribution soon.