Exciting news from the APR!

Tonight the IFAD Asia-Pacific Annual Performance Review (APR) got underway in Nanning, China with an official opening. Asia and Pacific Division Director Thomas Elhaut broke exciting news: "the performance of the portfolio has improved greatly" ("yea!" he added, enthusiastically).

He stressed how the APR has evolved and grown not only in numbers but in content and structure. He said, "you told us that the APR was too much focused on IFAD concerns and not enough on thematic issues, and we listened". This APR will be giving people more time to share on substantive issues, through a variety of formats such as chat show, peer assist, fishbowl, speed sharing, mini-workshops and one-on-one sessions. "Of course", Thomas added, "also through corridor chats and coffee breaks".

Have a great APR everyone. We are looking forward to the next three days of discussions and learning.


CBRMP - LGED said…
Congratulation! We as well really feel excited to hear the news of improved performance of AP portfolio and are awaiting to watch the progress of different events
(seemed interesting)of APR 2010.

Thanks social blog to keep us in touch with APR 2010.

SCBRMP, Bangladesh.