Welcome to the Enhanced KLM4!

Mr. SANA F.K. JATTA, Country Programme Manager, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD): Message during the Opening of KLM4.

“Welcome to another staging of the IFAD-Philippines Knowledge and Learning Market or KLM, the 4th edition of our annual gathering to share knowledge and learn painlessly together,” Mr. Sana F.K. Jatta said, as he spoke in the opening ceremonies of the said event.

He highlighted the fact that this year’s KLM has been given a facelift and that it is the first time that IFAD has taken a supporting role while the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), along with the Department of Agrarian Reform, takes the lead in organizing what is now crowned as the Philippine-Japan (KR2) Exhibit and IFAD Knowledge and Learning Market.

He noted that the theme “Shared resources, Shared development”, is quite apt, since uplifting the lives of the poor is a basic premise of IFAD’s development strategy.

With pleasure he announced that the KLM4 will have exhibit booths showcasing innovative and successful projects, an investment and policy forum, and the Pintasakahan which is an on-the-spot poster-making contest for the youth

Mr. Jatta concluded by emphasizing that he believes that the following days will be comprehensive and exciting because the participants and guests shall be hearing inspiring stories of how the poor cope in the face of adversity, tales of heroism and triumph, and some of failure. He further emphasized that sharing all these stories underscores the fact that sharing knowledge is an invaluable tool not only for strengthening our development efforts, but may also be the key to our survival as well.