APR - Day 3 Open space

Day 3 at the APR was conducted in the form of an "Open space". Participants were asked to come forward with issues that they either wanted to raise but hadn't had a chance to, or to suggest new topics for discussion. 17 sessions were eventually proposed and the group discussions took up the entire morning. The topics were:
  • Trans-boundary issues in NRM
  • How to influence governments
  • South-south cooperation
  • Addressing information asymmetry in value chains and forward-sales contracts
  • Impact of disasters on micro-finance
  • Poverty debt reduction improving the revenue of farmers (esp. with ICTs)
  • Change adaptation
  • More representation of the beneficiaries in project implementation committees
  • Coping with delayed implementation
  • Market development for selected value chains
  • Search for uniting factors to sustainability and innovative financial investments
  • Access to information by farmers to increase agricultural produce and information delivery for poverty reduction
  • Key summaries of mini-workshop on evaluation
  • Dealing with cassava pests and disease
  • Innovation to improve the EDE continuum
  • Strengthening coordination among project stakeholders and issues and strategies on convergence with other development schemes
  • Sustainability and exit strategies


Anonymous said…
OPEN space discussion is vary important tool for discussion and Knowledge Sharing.