Monitoring and Evaluation for All

A total 40 members from Peru, Philippines, Maldives, Bangladesh, Laos, Pakistan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia and India participated the APR's session "Monitoring and Evaluation for All" facilitated by Maria Donnat which consisted of a presentation followed by a Q&A.

After a round of participant introductions, Ms. Maria highlighted on the following topics in her presentation:
  • An overview of M&E
  • Challenges which projects face in M&E
  • Summary of the M&E journey
  • Moving from a focus on Monitoring to a focus on Evaluation
  • Evaluation challenges
  • Quality verses Quantity
  • Monitoring Challenges
The following are some of the questions asked by the participants during the session:
  • In the Rims, is there indicators which can analyze data on the quality of the outcome of the project?
  • Should the baseline actually be done during the design of the project?
  • When there is a very complex project with several components and several objectives, how can the indicators be identified while conducting the baseline survey in order to achieve a qualitative outcome?
  • The same indicators cannot be used to measure output, outcome or social and economical impact; therefore does this means that there should be different indicators in each level?
Some of the participants also highlighted problems and issues as well as the strengths in their projects and the techniques they use to overcome different types of issues they face in Monitoring and Evaluating.

The participants found the session to be very beneficial and there was excellent feedback on the information being shared. Mr. Jose Roi Avena, M&E Specialist for Rural Micro Enterprise Promotion Programme in the Philippines said that the session helped him in a way that it added to his confidence that difficulties may abound in terms of M&E for projects but the confidence is to see that he is not alone when it comes to these projects. There are other people that he could depend on or maybe ask for help from, to be able to help him surmount these difficulties.