ADRIEN: a model of Rural microenterprise, supported by PROSPERER-SOFIA-Madagascar

By Mamie and Jean business advisers, SOFIA Madagascar
Translated by Nasthassia

Adrien is a beekeeper in Sofia, a region situated in the North-Western part of Madagascar, more than 700km from the capital. He’s 28 and working hard to overcome poverty. He has never been trained before and now he has support from PROSPERER about entrepreneurship and the other training themes as beekeeping techniques, management and marketing. He’s a real entrepreneur and has a mind of his own. “I was away during these trainings about beekeeping and entrepreneurship. However, I realized the difference between traditional beekeeping products and the modern ones; I learnt from my neighbors who had received training”, Adrien says.

So we can say that Adrien is a curious, very willing and brave person in the entrepreneurship area. Now he has ten standard beehives and he is still building another. He aims to own forty beehives by the end of 2010. He doesn’t believe in trial and error; he planned and has set objectives. Otherwise, he has also been successful in identifying and finding a place in the national fair: FIERMADA 2010.

Adrien has many good qualities required for an entrepreneur: curiosity, dynamism, clear goals and respect for his own development plan, taking advantage of the existing support mechanism and resources.