Why trainings are essential

By TODIMANANA Rodrigue Antonio, Business adviser, PROSPERER Vatovay Fitovinany Madagascar
Translated by Nasthassia

“We couldn’t earn much money by this activity” said RABE ANDRIANTSOA Fabien, the President of the essential oil producers’ association in Vatovavy Fitovinany in the South eastern part of Madagascar, over 600km from the capital.

“We wasted energy and money, we tried to sell our products in Antananarivo and in Fianarantsoa but we couldn’t get a penny. We didn’t know and even used to confuse floral water and essential oil. We also mistook the way to put in the “Alambic” (spining machine) which looks used.

To confront these problems we asked for help from the PROSPERER project and they supported us by giving us technical training on essential oil extraction. They showed us the right way to do it and corrected all our errors. Now all the association members are convinced about the profit of new “Alambic” use and about having management and marketing policies.

We can say, that fortunately, we were trained on these themes so we won’t waste our time any longer and we earn more for a better living”.