Using astronomy and animals, voices to predict rainfall: A Maasai practice #gyin #sfrome

There is growing recognition that indigenous peoples are affected by the economic, social and environmental impact of climate change and that their traditional knowledge may be critical for effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Mosses Ndiyaine from Tanzania, who was both at last month's Share Fair and now in Cotonou for the Young People Conference- Agents of Change, tells us how the Maasai use indigenous knowledge and astronomy to predict rainfall and adapt to climate change.


Oumy Ndiaye said…
Thanks Mosses and Roxy. I will share this with the west african Agromet community. We had a workshop two weeks ago in Bamako and discussed how farmers can use both traditionnal knowlegde and scientific weather forecasts to secure they production.
Jeff Brez - Environment and Climate Division, IFAD said…
I met Mosses at the Share Fair, which was a highlight for me. His story of how modern radio communications and GIS systems are amplifying traditional Maasai climate adaptation practices is wonderful.