Pro-Rural Poor Public and Private Partnership in Lao PDR. Learning from best practices and successful strategies in Attapeu Province

The Learning Route on Pro-Rural Poor Public and Private Partnership in Lao PDR is finally started!!

Participants coming from various regions of Lao PDR are now travelling within the Attapeu Province to analyze and learn from the best practices and successful strategies in the promotion of Pro-Rural Poor Private and Public Partnership, in order to promote  their scaling-up in Lao PDR and especially within IFAD supported projects. The Learning Route focuses on small-scale agriculture and non-agriculture rural businesses developed in Attapeu province as part of the activities promoted by RLIP.  

The learning route bus is now running! It is full of different practitioners, which background, skills and experiences make it a very rich, unique group of learners. Farmers and staff member from SSSJ, RLIP, SNRMPEP already have show their interest.

Questions and discussions in the field will be the basis to open the path for innovation, reaching the communities and organizations they represent. Three organizations will share their knowledge and tips on how to get out from poverty cycle.

1.       Organic Asparagus Producers’ Group, Darkhied village, Sansai district
Successful story of resilience of a group of food-insecure households that have been able to improve their livelihoods by capitalizing on new market opportunities. Today there are 21 families of the village of Darkhied, belonging to Alak ethnic group, involved in the production of Organic Asparagus which are sold directly to SWIFT Co. LdT., one of the most important organic traders in Southeast Asia.
2.       Taliang Natural Dyes Group, Vang Xai village, Sansai district
The Taliang Natural Dyes Group is composed of 10 Taliang women from Vang Xai. Interesting example of how the combination of traditional knowledge with current markets trends can generate new business opportunities for rural people. Moreover, the articulation of women with the public and private sectors is playing a catalyser role in this young experience.
3.       Organic Coffee Producers’ Group, Dakseum village, Sansai district
The Alak community of Dakseum is producing organic coffee since 1994. In 2009, thanks to the establishment of long-term PPP, villagers started producing and selling at larger scale. Their strategy can be considered a learning model in Lao PDR when targeting the poorest of the poor.

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