Come and go around the world with Calle 13 and PROCASUR.

find yourself in the others,
learn that we are equal
and distinct at the same time
that´s the adventure of life,
here are the smiles
of those that open new paths

What feels to be freed of territorial and cultural boundaries and make from the world our learning ground?
How to trace a path to happiness that starts with listening and learning from our own people?
Outstanding rural women and men, farmers, artisans, weavers, indigenous people, local authorities and youth leaders from across the south are our inspiration. Thank you all for sharing a life of efforts, for showing us the way that, from the grassroots to the top, we can change this world for better.
PROCASUR proudly present this Video inspired by thousands of local champions and the poetry and music of Calle 13, a talented young music band of Puerto Rico that interprets our journey very well.

Enjoy the smiles and the rhythms, and start walking differently. Today.

Share it, comment it.

With all our appreciation: La vuelta al mundo. 
Please click here for the video: