Learning Path Workshop: “Integrated and Sustainable Strategies for Scaling-up Micro-Irrigation Systems”

Learning Path Workshop,  a snapshot of the event…

The South-South learning exchange “SCAMPIS Learning Path” took place in Madagascar from 3rd to 7th October 2011 between 3 continents:  Asia (India), Latin America (Guatemala) and Africa (Madagascar). 
The main goal was sharing and learning from each country’s knowledge and experiences to find out integrated and sustainable strategies for scaling-up the micro-irrigation systems. Knowledge sharing and learning was held mainly in the field with farmers. Each country should end up with innovations (to be taken home) and suggestions from their experiences (to be shared) with highly participative and proactive approaches.

Challenges and achievements
Learning: The learning process was fully achieved for all participants. Each one went back home with at least 2 innovations or proposals to be tested in his/her country. Six topics have been discussed during the field visits: technology adoption, nutrition,  natural fertilization and pesticide, promotional activities, access to rural finance, value chain (from manufacturing to the end user).

Sharing: A very high level of participation was reached as well as socialization of all participants. Sharing among the group was successful during formal or informal visits. The actors such as farmers, dealers or manufacturers we visited were able to interact with the LP group to ask questions or suggestions from the 3 countries.

Networking: The LP participants as well as local and national stakeholders expressed their willingness to continue learning and sharing from each other. Anyhow the most effective tools and ways still need to be defined.

Lessons learnt from the countries Each country took lessons and brought back home many innovations that came out from exchanges, field visits and discussions. The main ones were:
*       Use of recycled materials for manufacturing water pumps (experience from Madagascar)
*       Use of audio, video, media as part of scaling-up strategies
*       Nutrition/cooking lessons as an integrated approach toward the MIS (experience from Guatemala)
*       Use of public places such as schools and hospitals as demonstration sites as per promotional strategy (experience from Guatemala)
*       Promotion of adaptable kits according to needs and demands of farmers (size and accessories) (suggestion from India)

3rd October 2011
1)       1)Participants presentations and identifications of the objectives of the LP workshop
2)       2)Agenda of the workshop and methodology for learning
3)       3)Field visit : Ambohimanga –Mr Mamy, progressive farmer
From the LP Diary  “First day of LP is quite exciting, eye opened for me (and hopefully for all) on the ‘SCAMPIS world” Debasis (India)

4th October 2011
Activities  (field visits)
1)      1) Itaosy: exchange with dealer, technical promoter and farmers : theater performances and presentation of India on 2)Promotions Strategies implemented by IDEI for Scampis project
2)       3)Visita at Gasc’art  studio in Bevalala – pump manufactur 
        4)Visit at the « La Ferme d’Ivato : farmers association with bio-production using MIS

From the LP Diary « A pesar del cansancio y el cambio de hora, conoces a tantas personces involocrudas en el desarollo y la alimentacion de las personas es satisfactorio. Tenemos idiomas y costumbres diferentes peso estamos hoa endo lo mismo » Rolando (Guatemala)

5th October 2011
1)       Guatemala presentation (Prorural & Scampis Guatemala project)
2)       Imeritsiatosika (Field Visit): progressive dealer who implements micro-rural finance
3)       Centre Tsinjoaina (Field Visit): meeting with a small association of women who use rotative fund for improve livelihood condition (health, food security, agriculture with micro-irrigation, etc); presentation on the role of the Self Help Groups in India and interactions with OTELP programme
4)       Ambohijafy field visit and meeting with, dealer and farmer, presentation on technologies adaptation and strategy of the dealer; presentation of the Guatemalean strategies in the schools: advantages and difficulties in promoting the technologies in the school and implementing school gardens
5)       Patrakala & Innovagri presentations « Production and empowerment strategy of the production and distribution chain »  - MICRO-IRRIGATION KIT MANUFACTURERS

From the LP Diary “Today the field visit with the local NGOs and other stakeholders was more interacting on the Scampis programme. We came to know their role in the Scampis programme Madagascar” NCP (India)

6th October 2011
1)       Practical exercise: production of MIS kits with Patrakala and Innovagri
2)       Village de la Joie (Field Visit)Introduction of the village ;
3)       Exchange and practice on nutrition, Guatemala facilitation : preparation of carrot dessert and carrots and organge juice
4)       Exchange and practice on natural fertilization : Guatemala facilitation (vermi-compost) and Director of Protection des Végétaux Madagascar (natural pesticide)

From the LP diary « C’est une journée où on a eu le plus d’échanges sur la valorisation des produits issus du SMI (proposition de recettes) avec Guatemala, et les engrais liquides ainsi que les luttes bio contre les maladies et insectes », Christin (Madagascar)

7th October 2011
Final workshop open to the public :
1)       Focuses on SCAMPIS India, Guatemala and Madagascar : presentations on  « innovations I will suggest, difficulties perceived by the communities and suggestions »
2)       Role of communication (audio, viedeo and other media)
3)       « I.S. » strategies for scaling-up Micro-irrigation Systems ?  - Integrated and Sustainable strategies for scaling-up MIS
4)       Lunch discussion on the best tools to use to continua the interactions

Afternoon : LP group
Final evaluation and discussion
From the LP diary « En la discusiòn de hoy espero poder haber algunos aportes para mejoros la ejcucion del proyecto SCAMPIS, el cual esta llevando muchas benuficios a personas pobres en los 3 Paises y no olvidar que el riego es un medio y no un fin » Rolando (Guatemala)
Thank you to all  the group
Cecilia & Anja

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