Successful first day of Learning Route on Business and Knowledge for rural development in Thailand!

Successful first day of Learning Route on Business and Knowledge for rural development in Thailand!
The Learning Route “Developing Rural Territories through Business and Knowledge: The Thai experience with the OTOP and CLC”, had a fruitful installation in Bangkok on Monday, October 21, 2013, with 40 participants from Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda and Thailand.
Mrs. Cecilia Leiva, President of Procasur Corp., the hosting nonprofit, started the Opening Remarks accompanied by Mr. Pallop Tanjariyaporn, Thailand’s Chief of International Relations Unit, Planning Division, Community Development Department, Ministry of Interior, and his colleague Mr. Praser Malai, Director of Agricultural Technology and Sustainable Agriculture Policy Division, Office of Permanent Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.
Dr. Chamnan Wattanasiri, a Thai expert and practitioner on Community Development, facilitated the panel “Policies and programs for economic growth and poverty reduction in Thailand”, with the two high-level government officials.
Malai presented the Thailand Public Policy in Agricultural Sector and highlighted knowledge and moral as the two conditions for a successful Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej developed his New Theory on Agriculture as a practical example of the application of such philosophy as “a guiding light to a sufficient way of life, food safety and security, reduced expenditure, self-reliance, and alleviation of poverty in households and communities,” Malai added.
Tanjariyaporn complemented the panel with the example of the Community Development Department (CDD) established in 1962 to improve the quality of life of rural Thais “by enabling them to help themselves.” Today, the CDD has a staff of 7,000 employees, half of them working in villages as Community Development Workers, based on a network of 75 Provincial Community Development Offices. 877 District Development Offices plus 14 divisions and bureaus.
The day finished with the Learning Route Experience Fair, aiming for each team to identify and share their areas of innovation with the other participants and to encourage inter-participant exchange during the Learning Route.
The event is part of a South-South collaborative framework implemented by the Agricultural Technology and Sustainable Agriculture Policy Division (ATSAP) at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) and the Community Development Department (CDD) of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) of Thailand with the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD-UN) and the Procasur Corporation.
As part of this Learning Route a publication in English and Spanish on the Thai OTOP and CLCs has been published, you can download it from here: