KM self-assessment: Session with the KM community of practice (KM-CoP)

We are conducting a KM self-assessment using Geoff Parcell's self-assessment tool. This morning we had 11 people, mostly members of the KM CoP and some other colleagues. We had a great discussion and surprise surprise there was pretty much a consensus on where we are and where we want to go.

One of the greatest soundbites was: "The day that directors celebrate each other's achievements and are proud of each other's successes, that is when we can say we've mainstreamed KM and have become a learning organizaiton".

Another good soundbite was "We need to raise the level of leadership and support" to bring a change and improvement in the other levels.

We also agreed that leadership and support is the link in the chain that will drive all the others.

The consensus was to improve:

- leadership and support from level 3 to 5
- networking and communities from level 2 to 4
- measuring value from level 2 to 3
- capturing and reapplying knowledge from level 2/3 to 4/5
- innovation from level 2 to 4
- implementing efficiencies in work practices from level 3 to 4