Multi-activities to ensure daily life

By Maharavo Lalatiana, CCEGS PROSPERER Itasy Madagascar
Translated by Nasthassia

Mr RANDRIANARIMALALA Edmond has always been a fish farmer. He started by fishing in the Itasy Lake, one of the famous, in the middle of Madagascar, over 80km from Antananarivo. Then he provided retailers in the capital and realized that fishing can well ensure food security. Thus, he decided to do fish farming in rice fields which was thought not to be adapted for these activities. He was socially chided but he never gave up.

With PROSPERER support, he got in touch with selected fish producers so that any unknown fish variety can’t reach his rice field. These professional producers also advised him in technical fish growing.Using traditional fish growing technique, he could produce 100kg to 150kg of fish a year. When he started to increase production, he could raise this up to 320kg. Now he can get 520kg of fish a year by using selected fish variety and following modern fish growing technique shown by fish producers.But he isn’t entirely satisfied; he still needs more resources.

Mr Edmond realized that his village likes watching football, but to watch the Football World Cup, on TV, there is no place and means to do so. He purchased a satellite dish, a TV and an electricity generator to earn more money and also satisfy his neighbors. The room was always full because the entry cost was affordable. He also bought speakers and he showed films going from place to place to ensure atmosphere of festivity. Now the impact of his efforts can be seen. His house has been renovated during this year. At the beginning, many people didn’t have faith in his activity and project, but now there are many who are taking lessons from his experience and copying him.